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The first step toward enrollment in the CPI polygraph examiner training course is the completion of the required application.

Please print the Application Form available for download below.

Application Form

All prospective students are required to undergo a personal interview with a Chicago Polygraph Institute instructor. Some applicants may be requested to undergo a polygraph examination following an interview if CPI finds it necessary to resolve background ambiguities.

Furthermore, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements of CPI:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must not have a record of felony convictions
  • Must be of good character and reputation
  • Must have a baccalaureate degree
  • Must present a certified diploma from an accredited college
  • Must accurately complete the Chicago Polygraph Institute application form
  • Must pay in full the course tuition of $2,000 (trainees from former USSR countries) and $5,000 (worldwide trainees) by the first day of class.

Please print the Application Form. You must fully and legibly complete, and sign. Chicago Polygraph Institute prefers receiving applications prior to interviewing applicants. Therefore, mail, e-mail or fax your completed form to us before your interview. If time does not allow, bring it with you for your personal interview with a Chicago Polygraph Institute instructor.

Applicants must be truthful and accurate in their responses to all inquiries. Failure to disclose any criminal violation or to present truthful and accurate information will result in the denial of your application. Chicago Polygraph Institute reserves the right to submit an applicant to polygraph testing if it is necessary to clarify unresolved background matters.