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The Chicago Polygraph Institute (CPI) is an accredited institution offering comprehensive polygraph examiner training to the private, public, and law enforcement sectors around the world.

The Chicago Polygraph Institute polygraph examiner training course is fully accredited by the International League of Polygraph Examiners (ILPE), and complies with the standards of the ASTM International.


  • Accredited training course
  • Qualified instructors
  • Most advanced polygraphs
  • Validated polygraph techniques
  • Polygraph collection
  • Polygraph photo gallery
  • Polygraph library
  • Training in various languages
  • Training in various countries
  • Individualized training
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Educational discounts

The Chicago Polygraph Institute training course is taught by highly educated and experienced polygraph examiners - graduates of United States of America polygraph schools accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA). Although our instructors have graduated from APA accredited schools and are Associate Members of the APA, the Chicago Polygraph Institute is not accredited by the APA nor does it seek to be.

The training is conducted using the most advanced polygraph instruments in the world manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company (Lafayette, Indiana, USA) and accredited by the ILPE, and the APA. Lafayette Instrument Company, founded in 1947, is the global leader in the manufacture of polygraphs.

In the training process, Chicago Polygraph Institute students are introduced to various polygraph techniques, and achieve proficiency in each validated and scientifically reliable polygraph technique available to polygraph examiners for commercial and law enforcement testing.

The Chicago Polygraph Institute training course is enhanced by an impressive collection of historic conventional and computerized polygraphs, as well as an extensive polygraph library, consisting of hundreds of textbooks, journals, newsletters, and other materials pertaining to the subject of detection of deception.

In recent years, Chicago Polygraph Institute has conducted its polygraph examiner training course from Ukraine and the European Union, catering primarily to trainees from Europe, Asia and Africa. Chicago Polygraph Institute is represented in Europe, Asia and Africa by ARGO-A - the most reputable and prominent lie detection firm in the region. Chicago Polygraph Institute can make special arrangements to conduct a training course in any country should there be a sufficient number of individuals to form a class.

Generally, Chicago Polygraph Institute provides training in the English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages; when required, the training is conducted in other languages through an interpreter.

Another feature differentiating Chicago Polygraph Institute from the majority of polygraph schools is the availability of individual polygraph examiner training, that is, one-on-one with a polygraph instructor. This feature is valued by individuals and organizations requiring privacy and confidentiality.

Upon successful completion of the Chicago Polygraph Institute polygraph examiner training course, each graduate is awarded an Institute Certificate of Training and qualifies for membership in the ILPE.

We look forward to introducing you to the art and science of the psychophysiological detection of deception!