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Tuition Fee

The total tuition fee for the CPI polygraph examiner training course is $2,000 for students from former USSR countries, and $5,000 for students worldwide (view complete pricing). The tuition fee includes instruction, the use of polygraph equipment, library facilities, handout materials, and textbooks. The above fees do not include travel, accommodation, meals, insurance or any other expenses that may be incurred by CPI students. CPI reserves the right to change the fee structure without notice. The student tuition fee is due and payable in cash or by bank wire transfer, in U.S. dollars, no later than the first day of class. CPI is privileged to donate a portion of its tuition proceeds to the American Red Cross International Response Fund on a monthly basis.

Course Schedule

Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Classes cancelled by Chicago Polygraph Institute for any reason will be rescheduled. Evening and weekend classes may be scheduled to accommodate guest instructors and to allow students additional time to improve their skills in administering polygraph examinations. Generally, classes will not be held on major holidays of the USA (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), Ukraine (New Year’s Day, Christmas, International Women’s Day, Easter, International Labor Day, Victory Day, Pentecost, Constitution Day, Independence Day), and other countries where CPI will conduct polygraph examiner training.

Training Facilities

Due to an individualized approach to teaching, the Chicago Polygraph Institute polygraph examiner training course is limited to a maximum of 15 students. Small class sizes and personalized attention from CPI instructors are critical for ensuring learning success and mastering of the polygraph technique. Regardless of the location of the training facilities around the world, CPI assures the availability of optimum size classrooms, a polygraph library, training materials, textbooks, classroom accessories, and the most advanced polygraph equipment. CPI creates a perfect, harmonious environment in which students perfect the world’s most prominent polygraph theoretic concepts on the world’s most prominent polygraph instrumentation.


Chicago Polygraph Institute students are required to attend all scheduled class sessions for successful completion of the CPI polygraph examiner training course. The Institute’s class attendance is mandatory. CPI instructors record all absences, regardless of the reason. Class tardiness is prohibited and treated as an absence. Only eight (8) hours of excused absence are allowed for medical, family, or other serious emergencies. All missed classwork due to an excused absence must be made up with the instructor after regular class hours. Depending upon the reason for the absence, a student may be charged a $50 per hour fee for individual make-up instruction. CPI reserves the right to dismiss a student for unsatisfactory attendance.


Information on available accommodations near Chicago Polygraph Institute training facilities in the United States of America and other countries, where CPI conducts training, can be obtained upon request from CPI. Individuals planning to undergo the CPI polygraph examiner training course in Kyiv, Ukraine, may want to consider staying at the Hotel "Holosiyivskiy", situated within walking distance from CPI, as well as restaurants, shops, public transportation, taxies, parks, major universities, and the famous exhibition center, National Complex "Expocenter of Ukraine". Hotel "Holosiyivskiy" offers reasonable weekly rates and conveniences, and is the place of choice for the majority of CPI's students in Kyiv.

Tuition Refund

CPI students are eligible for a 100% refund if they officially withdraw prior to the first day of classes, and in the event the course is cancelled. Generally, the tuition refund for the course is prorated based on the percent of hours completed. If a student is expelled by CPI or withdraws voluntarily for any reason during the academic phase of the course, the following tuition refund schedule must be used to determine the respective financial implications: 1) 1-25% of the course completed – a 75% refund; 2) 26-50% of the course completed – a 50% refund; 3) 51-100% of the course completed – a 0% refund. Refunds are based on the date CPI receives the written notice from a student indicating withdrawal from the course.


Chicago Polygraph Institute strongly believes that the professional polygraph examiner must be a person of integrity, ethics, and impartiality. Therefore, students violating the ethics of the International League of Polygraph Examiners, the rules, regulations and policies of CPI or the confidentiality of any polygraph examination viewed during the course, will be expelled from the Institute. Furthermore, CPI students will be subject to expulsion from the Institute in the event of illegal drug use or possession, participation in criminal activity, and cheating on tests while enrolled in the course. An CPI student is subject to expulsion whenever evidence confirms that his actions adversely affect the reputation of CPI and the profession itself.

Award of Certificates

CPI awards two types of certificates to its graduates: 1) Certificate of Training and 2) Graduate Certificate. A CPI Certificate of Training is awarded to students who demonstrate satisfactory academic and practical performance through written and practical polygraph examinations. Students acquiring a cumulative score of less than 75% will be placed on academic probation. Failure to improve the score may result in academic dismissal. A CPI Graduate Certificate is awarded to CPI graduates upon completion of the CPI Internship Program which is the successful administration of fifty (50) polygraph examinations based on the techniques taught at CPI. All 50 exams must be submitted to and evaluated by CPI.

Polygraph Purchase

Chicago Polygraph Institute offers its students the best polygraph instrumentation in the world manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company (LIC) – the global leader in the manufacture and sale of polygraphs from Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Polygraph instrumentation manufactured by LIC is approved by both the International League of Polygraph Examiners and the American Polygraph Association. We encourage you to discuss your professional instrumentation needs with your experienced CPI instructors prior to acquiring polygraph equipment in order to make an informed and optimal purchase decision. Students purchasing polygraph equipment through CPI are entitled to a special educational discount.